Hello, I’m Rob Hinchcliffe.

I’m a writer and an editor.

I split my time between running my own projects and working with other people as a consultant.

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Why a shitty media infrastructure is bad in a bunch of different ways - part one

I’ve just finished Cory Doctorow’s latest book The Internet Con: How to Seize the Means of Computation. I’ll talk more about the book in a future post, but something I wanted to get down right away was a couple of things in the book that I guess could fall under the heading of ‘Why a shitty media infrastructure is bad in a bunch of different ways’. The first of these was actually prompted by the ‘further reading’ section at the end of the book (I’ll write about the other one later this week)...

Notes for week of 16 October, 2023

⤳ On Thursday this week, I played the board game Mysterium with a couple of friends. I was actually given it as a Christmas present last year, but my gameplaying opportunities are so slim these days that we’d only just got round to opening it. It’s such a fun and interesting game. It’s kind of like Codenames mixed with Cluedo… on acid (but really, a big part of the game is about interpreting trippy ‘visions’). It’s maybe a touch overengineered, but that might also be me only playing twice and...

Notes for week of 2 October, 2023

⤳ I finished Russell’s book: Do Interesting: Notice. Collect. Share. and one of the things he talks about in that book is ‘collecting’ things, sometimes just for the sake of collecting them at first, because the collection and the repetition might build into something greater. The day after I finished the book I came across this website which seems to me to the perfect example of that. I love it. ⤳ On Thursday this week, I played the board game Mysterium with a couple of friends. I was actua...

Cultivating distracted productivity

There is something really interesting and insightful in the latest issue of Alex Morris’s Strat Scraps newsletter (there is something interesting and insightful in pretty much every issue, so you should subscribe if you ever have to ‘do strategy’). I won’t paste the whole thing in here, because it’s long, but the basic gist of it is: The best ideas/innovations/breakthroughs come during idleness; and ‘the best idleness’ happens on company time, i.e. when you’re at work but not working. As Ale...

Notes for week of 25 September, 2023

⤳ How is it October already? ⤳ This week has mainly been about working and writing. I’ve been trying to use this blog more and get back into a rhythm of writing more than just these ‘week notes’ here, and there were a few deadlines at work, so there’s been quite a few hours spent in front of the keyboard. ⤳ Related to that… I bought a pair of reading glasses this week. I knew this day was coming, and here we are. ⤳ On Thursday, after work, I went to an event organised by Mazí Housing a cha...