Notes for week of 8 April, 2024

⤳ Finally got see Dune 2 on the big screen, just before it left the cinema. It’s an impressive spectacle, and it didn’t feel as long as its 2h 47m (!) running time; but I don’t think I was as blown away as others have bene. Something about the sci-fi setting leaves me a tiny bit cold (or maybe it’s Denis Villeneuve’s disdain for dialogue) and I’m not buying the Chalamet-Zendaya thing - not enough chemistry there.

⤳ Spent quite a bit of time in the garden this week. Cleaning up the barbecue and pizza over ready for some nice weather; planting some veg in the raised beds, an getting all the weeds out the front garden… it’s been tiring but good to get it all done. Just need the sun to come out now.

⤳ Went to the Gipsy Hill Brewery taproom on Saturday afternoon because they had a vintage poster sale on. Some gorgeous stuff there that was way out of my price range (e.g. french Godzilla posters for a grand!), so I had to make do with a French poster of the Tintin ‘Objectif Lune’ cover.

⤳ On Sunday out friends came over with their kids, I cooked a roast chicken, got out the wine and we played Scout in the back garden until we couldn’t ignore the fact that it was too cold to be sat out there. Pretty nice way to end the week.

⤳ And, of course, the week was ended lying on the sofa, trying to stay awake to see the end of the Masters. Not the most thrilling of tournaments this year, but it had its moments.

⤳ Some interesting things I’ve read this week:

The New Yorker profiles Low’s Alan Sparhawk. As a friend of mine said when I sent this to him: ‘so much goodwill for this man’.

⤳ Listening to: