A quick site update

Just a quick admin update to say that:

  • The page which archives all the Cracking Flags shows from loose.fm has been updated. It used to contain embeds from Mixcloud, but they all seem to have disappeared from loose.fm’s Mixcloud page, so I’m using Soundcloud instead now… Except it looks like the first two shows (October 21 and November 21) are missing from Soundcloud. This is why you should always back things up yourselves kids!
  • There’s been a very subtle change to the site’s layout. Just a few CSS tweaks to make things a little more nuanced and less serify :)
  • As part of that, the five most recent blog posts have been added to the front page.
  • I know I haven’t published any week notes for a while, I will be attending to this site a little more frequently from now on though.