Notes for week of 30 January, 2023

→ Quiet, but productive. That’s how I’d describe this past week. Got quite a lot of freelance work done (mainly writing, but a bit of strategy stuff too), which felt good. And lined up a few London in Bits commissions for the next couple of months, which I’m excited about.

→ As part of that, I went out on Saturday afternoon on a ‘pub cat safari’ of north London. Five pubs. One bloody cat. We are going to have to revisit that plan. (We did go to some pubs we would never have normally visited, though - and they were almost all great places that I would go back to - there’s something to be said for letting an arbitrary quest inject a bit of randomness into your life).

→ We watched You People on Netflix this week. The snobby crowd on Letterboxd are very sniffy about it, but it gave me more genuine ‘laugh out loud’ moments than a lot of comedies I’ve seen recently.

→ I also rewatched My Own Private Idaho this week. One of my favourite films from my teenage years. Definitely holds up. Tonight, the plan is to watch All the Beauty and the Bloodshed.

→ Some interesting things I’ve read this week:

After hours with 10 Foot, London’s most notorious graffiti writer is behind the FT’s paywall but is absolutely worth a read, especially if you’re in London.

One Day They’ll Say This Was the Best (and Worst) Thing I Ever Made is about Gawker by one of the original cofounders (not Nick Denton, the other one). You don’t really learn anything new, but I am a sucker for this kind of retrospective.

The Magic of Small Databases is an interesting ‘Note on personal libraries, collections and small indexes on the web’ from Tom Critchlow

And Anti-memetics and the new horroris about a new form of cosmic horror.

→ Listening to:

A couple of weeks ago, I did my last Loose.FM ‘Cracking Flags’ radio show (at least for a while, anyway). You can listen to it here.