Notes for week of 3 October, 2022

The Verge has redesigned its hompage and included what they call a Storystream news feed:

“Our plan is to bring the best of old-school blogging to a modern news feed experience and to have our editors and senior reporters constantly updating the site with the best of tech and science news from around the entire internet. If that means linking out to Wired or Bloomberg or some other news source, that’s great — we’re happy to send people to excellent work elsewhere, and we trust that our feed will be useful enough to have you come back later.”

Also - Substack recently updatd their Reader tool so you an add any RSS feed you like. Does this mean the great blog reawakening is happening?

All hail RSS!

This NY Times feature on whether the city truly ‘never sleeps’ anymore is very good - great photos accompanying great writing. I thought this bit in particular was really interesting…

“the pandemic disrupted Broadway and Off Broadway theaters — and the reliable supply of would-be actors and crew members who moved to New York, ready to work in restaurants while awaiting a big break. Now, he noted, “You can be in Kansas and audition via Zoom.”

In other words: the pandemic introduced Zoom culture, which disrupted how actors audition, which changes the demographic of restaurant staff… Which means restaurants close earlier!

The New York Film Festival has always had great posters. I have a print of this David Hockney one on the wall of our house. The most recent poster (for the 60th edition of the festival) is by the photographer Nan Goldin (herself the subject of the documentary All the Beauty and the Bloodshed) and is a thing of beauty.