Notes for week of 16 January, 2023

→ Nina was away in New York with work this week, so I had a bit of time to watch a couple of films I knew she wouldn’t mind me watching without her. First I went to see Aftersun at the Screen on the Green in Islington. By far the best film I’ve seen in a long time, it absolutely floored me, and I’m still thinking about it days afterwards (it was made all the more effective by seeing it in a cinema I think).

→ Second, I watched Tár, which was almost as good, and which I’m also still thinking about. Although that film didn’t put All Saints’ Never Ever in my head for the next few days like Aftersun did.

→ After all that, I had to watch something a little less…. intense, so I binged Hacks on Amazon Prime. I have a bit of a crush on Hannah Einbinder now, but Megan Stalter absolutely steals the show as Kayla, the worst assistant ever.

→ Other than that, it’s been long walks with the dog and trying to get in shape so I don’t die doing this 10k next Sunday (and trying not to break an arm or a leg on the ice while doing it).

→ Some interesting things I’ve read this week:

The boring journey of Matt Yglesias from The Washington Post.

And, following that, Matt Yglesias and the secret of blogging by Max Read.

→ Listening to:

The Aftersun soundtrack (the score)