Week notes 2020-13

How Bollywood gave Britney Spears her greatest hit pic.twitter.com/H8WXS6TxdF

— Voices of Color (@vocinsider) March 31, 2020

  • I’m on the sofa, my Google Pixelbook on my lap, about to write this post, and Buster lies down on the rug at my feet and just lays his head on my right foot. It’s warm, it’s furry and it is, at this very moment, perfect. I can be locked down with this guy (and my wife) for as long as it takes.
  • I’m also drinking a really good glass of wine (I bought a bottle for a friend for her lockdown 40th, and decided to get myself one while I was there). So that helps.
  • Speaking of booze… The Calming Ritual of the Cocktail Hour is a lovely little article from the excellent Grub Street, which I definitely identify with right now.
  • Also from New York, the NY Times interviews David Chang about his depression, the restaurant industry and Covid-19 . It’s less miserable than I just made it sound.
  • How is House of Leaves 20 years old?! Despite it making me feel old, I enjoyed this Guardian interview with the book’s author and some of it’s biggest fans.
  • I’ve never read any Robert Stone, but this ‘unvarnished look at the troubled life’ of the novelist (from the Washington Post) has made me put him on my ‘to read’ list.
  • Also this week, I caved and bought a robot vaccum cleaner (Buster is white-haired and sheds… a lot!). It’s pretty amazing.
  • We got hot cross buns and some great bread delivered to our door, courtest of Breadwinners, a charity who (normally) “provide training and jobs for refugees across London farmers market stalls”. If you’re in London you should check them out.
  • Music-wise: the tweet at the top of this post is great. It weaves together Britney Spears, James and Bollywood. How could you not want to watch that?
  • Also music-wise: my friends continue to create top-notch Spotify playlists, for which I am eternally grateful: