Notes for week of 29January, 2024

⤳ This week hasn’t been as ‘culturally rich’ as previous week - which is a grand way of saying that a higher proportion of the week was spent drinking and eating various things.

⤳ In my defence, Nina and I were hoping to go and see All of Us Strangers at the Everyman in Crystal Palace on Friday night, but by the time I got round to booking the tickets there was only one seat left in the (admittedly small) screen. So we went to the local wine bar instead and ate our bodyweight in cheese and bread.

⤳ I have no excuse for going for a long boozy lunch with an old university friend on Saturday; other than long, boozy lunches with old friends is one of the life’s greatest pleasures. Said friend did remind me that this year marks the thirtieth anniversary of us going to university though. Ouch.

⤳ I did finish Status and Culture by W David Marx (good, but I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I did, Ametora, his previous book). And Nina and I did manage to watch Ferrari this week, which left me a bit cold if I’m honest. It’s just felt a bit unevenly paced and a bit messy. Also Shailene Woodley’s Italian accent was not good.

⤳ Some interesting things I’ve read this week:

I had no idea that ‘environmental linguistics’ was a thing, but this article put me right and showed me how fascinating it is. 

The great Jonathan Nunn wrote a long read about ‘the forgotten genius who changed British food’ for The Guardian. Even if you care not a jot about ‘food culture’ it’s a great read.

Not a read, but a podcast episode: Tech Won’t Save us interviewed Victor Pickard about what’s really killing the news media, and it a interesting and incredibly incisive hour of audio.

⤳ Listening to: