Notes for week of 22 January, 2024

⤳ Well, we’re almost at the end of January. Practically every third person I know is ill (most with Covid), I’m doing well with my ‘read more books’ resolution and markedly less well with my ‘lose that Christmas weight’ resolution. Ah well.

⤳ Spent an evening playing Mysterium with friends earlier this week. Such a good game, that is made almost impenetrable to the all-but-most-dedicated by over-engineered rules and fiddly mechanics. No wonder they’ve recently released “a shorter, more streamlined version”.

Media Diet has been updated to include a bunch of new TV series, films and books. Some of it is great (the novel, The Strange), some of it good (Fellow Travellers) and some of it utter trash (Reacher series 2).

⤳ Really not a whole lot else to report this week. Had my head down with work and getting to the end of January (and picking paint colours, a man called Bill is turning up tomorrow to start painting pretty much 75% of the house - wish me luck).

⤳ Some interesting things I’ve read this week:

So much good stuff in the NY Times right now. Is the Way Men Talk About Fashion About to Undergo Another Sea Change? is interesting even though the ‘Throwing Fits’ podcast is just a bit too American and bro-y for my taste. I really should talk more about clothes here but, if I’m honest it embarrasses me a little bit. I did score a really nice second hand pair of Padmore and Barnes Willow Lite shoes in Chestnut Leather on eBay this week (for £20!).

This Q&A with John Malkovich is just delightful.

The Great Freight-Train Heists of the 21st Century is about how the “explosion of the e-commerce economy has created an opportunity for thieves”

And The Man in Room 117 reminded me of the book The Best Minds, which I read a few weeks ago.

⤳ Listening to: