Notes for week of 31 July, 2023

⤳ Finally started watching Colin From Accounts after everyone I know recommended it to us, and it’s as good as they all said it is. Think I needed some daft, dog-based comedy.

⤳ Also started watching Stephen Soderbergh’s series, The Circle. Three episodes in and we have very little clue what is going on, but we are enjoying the ride.

This video essay on Series 2 of The Bear is bang on. It is about tenderness and the power of listening.

⤳ I have been going through an insomnia patch this past couple of weeks. I can go to sleep okay, but when I wake up in the early hours, then I am AWAKE! Lying in bed, trying to go back to sleep just makes me frustrated and angry, so I have to get up and do something, but I’m still shattered for the rest of the day. I think getting back into doing regular exercise should help - we’ll see. Coincidentally, the Guardian published this article this week - thanks Guardian!.

⤳ Started to make an effort with Mastodon this week. Wrote a belated introduction post, found some people to follow, and generally dove in. It’s such a nice feeling to be able to scroll through a feed and not feel like you are rubbernecking on a car crash. Instead, there’s just a finite but deep flow of interesting stuff that generally leads me off down one rabbit hole or another. It’s not perfect, but then neither was Twitter in the early days (no matter how much we romanticise it). I heed to write something about social media, and community and the death of Twitter soon - there’s something gestating, I just need to get it down.

⤳ Some interesting things I’ve read these past few weeks:

I’m about halfway through Space Odyssey- Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke, and the Making of a Masterpiece by Michael Benson. I’m listening to the audiobook as I walk the dog or go for a run, and really enjoying it. It’s quite nerdy and detailed but written in a very entertaining way, and to hear about Kubrick’s process and personality is completely fascinating. One thing: the narrator of the audiobook is American and pronounces the word ‘snooker’ as ‘snucker’ which made me laugh out loud during a run the other day and people looked at we weirdly.

Picked up Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas R. Hofstadter. It’s a monster and terrible intimidating to someone like me who has a slight maths allergy. But I intend to take it nice and slowly and hopefully just enjoy it.

⤳ Listening to: