Notes for week of 12 June, 2023 (and the rest)

⤳ I fell out of the habit of writing these again. It was my birthday at the start of the month, so we were away for a few days, and that threw me off. But, if I’m honest about it, I have the ‘procrastination yips’ about writing this sometime, and I’m not sure why. There’s always something else to be done, I guess, and I get a weird low level fear that I should be doing that other thing instead. It’s dumb, and I’m hoping that by writing it down I can start to banish it.

⤳ For my birthday, we took the dog to a tiny cottage in East Sussex. Sat around and read a lot. Visited a vineyard. Ate pizza. Read a bit more. Opened presents. Ate pasties. Pretty much bliss.

⤳ Bought a new (second hand) car. Very, very dull. I don’t get excited by cars at all, and buying them is a weird process (the guy at the dealership sent me a video of him walking round the car when it arrived - with a running commentary and everything. It’s so deeply weird). Anyway, it’s my first automatic and my first hybrid. It’s actually nice to drive (not ‘fun’, but nice). I am driving it to Glastonbury on Wednesday, so will see how we get on.

⤳ Glastonbury!!!!

⤳ I interviewed the author Midge Gillies about her new book Piccadilly last week. It’s a great book, and she was very fun to talk to. That should be in London in Bits in a week or so.

⤳ Kind of shifting times work wise at the moment. Couple of things slotting in to place, both in terms of my consulting tuff and also LiB. Will talk more about that as they happen.

⤳ We’ve been watching the Netflix Tour de France documentary ‘Unchained’ for the past week. It’s very good and has got me very excited for this year’s tour. Also, Platonic on Apple TV is just great. So few decent comedies around at the moment, and this one is pretty flawless.

⤳ Some interesting things I’ve read these past few weeks:

I read a few musician interviews recently, maybe it’s a Glastonbury thing…

This is a great interview with Paul Simon from The Times..

And this is a lovely interview with Sparks, who I am every excited to see this weekend.

And this from the New Yorker on the brilliant Robert Gottlieb, who sadly died last week.

⤳ Listening to: