Notes for week of 10 April, 2023

⤳ It’s been a great couple of weeks for London in Bits. The article about Bradley’s Spanish Bar became our first ever issue to receive more than 10,000 views, (thankfully it sneaked in before the Twitter ‘ban’), and - as I write this -our subscriber count has gone up by around a third in just two weeks.

⤳ I think Substack ‘Notes’ has something to do with it, but I also feel like that’s maybe causing more confusion and doubt than anything else right now (that’s a link to what’s been called “the most disastrous techbro interview ever.”)

⤳ I created a page on this website to archive all the radio shows I did for There’s 15, two-hour shows there. So that’s thirty hours of music (and the occasional sound of me mumbling) to get lost in,

⤳ I read ‘Strip’ by Hannah Sward this week. Ripped through it in two or three sittings. It’s that kind of book. Tough going sometimes (but not ‘A Little Life’ kind of tough).

⤳ Had dinner with friends at Brutto in Farringdon on Saturday evening. Our second visit there and loved it just as much as the first time (although the ‘pecorino with burnt sugar’ for dessert is very much an acquired taste…. which I have yet to acquire).

⤳ Some interesting things I’ve read these past few weeks:

I’ve had this interview saved for a while and just read it this week. It’s heartbreaking in a lot of ways.

I saw a performance of Trilogie de la Mort by Éliane Radigue at the Southbank a couple of years ago, and it knocked me sideways. This article about Radigue and her music from Reverb is very good.

Two Succession profiles this week (you know, because we’re all obsessed). The Making of Tom Wambsgans in The Ringer and Kieran Culkin Bares (a Lot of) His Soul from Esquire (the latter one is especially good).

And from GQ comes this profile of the artist Jeff Koons.

I really like Warren Zevon’s music, but don’t know much about the man himself. This, from Pitchfork, set that straight a bit.

Bloomberg has a great article on Hasbro’s attempts to make money from Dungeons & Dragons

⤳ Listening to:

Segue to Infinity by Laraaji.