Notes for week of 1 May, 2023

⤳ A quick one this week, because it’s a bank holiday Monday and I have pizza to start making (actually the dough has been fermenting away for two days, but it’s getting close to the cooking time - if the rain stays off!).

⤳ It was also a pretty quiet week this week. I interviewed the author Matthew Turner for London in Bits, while sat outside the Estrella tapas bar on the South Lambeth Road. I lived in that area for a good few years, so it was really nice to go back and great to meet Matthew properly for the first time.

⤳ I also had lunch with Russell Davies at Bar Bruno (again!), this time as he was meeting Isaac of Caffs not Cafe’s and very kindly invited me along. Issac is disgustingly young, horribly full of energy and an extraordinarily nice and talented man. Go follow his Instagram if you don’t already.

⤳ On Friday, Nina and I went to see Guys & Dolls at the Bridge Theatre. It’s brilliantly staged with some incredible performances, I just think I was a bit too tired to appreciate it (doesn’t help when you’re stood up in the ‘immersive’ section for three hours).

⤳ Some interesting things I’ve read these past few weeks:

A great interview from Put This On with David Marx on How The Pursuit Of Status Shapes Our Aesthetics

The Washing Post interviewed Dean Koontz who seems to be very, very wealthy and also deeply anxious.

Ted Goia’s Lifetime Reading Plan is very inspiring (and likely impossible for anyone but Ted Goia)

Reading Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Godfather Notebook made we want to go read the book and watch the film all over again.

⤳ Listening to: