Notes for end of 2023

⤳ I’m back! Back again. Tell a friend, etc…

⤳ I’ve updated my Media Diet page so it’s now a sortable gallery of covers/posters with all the info, like ratings and dates and comments, appearing when you hover over a title (I need to sort out what happens on mobile next). I managed all of this thanks to ChatGPT, which helped me code and style the page from beginning to end. I know I’m not the first to say this, but it’s pretty bloody remarkable. You still need to know a bit about what your’e doing, and ChatGPT does make mistakes (and, more importantly, acts like it never makes mistakes)… But there is no way in hell I could have made a page like that in just a few hours without its help.

⤳ Added to that page are all the things I’ve consumed over Christmas, which includes The Holdovers (marvellous), Saltburn (weird) and Passages (weird and marvellous) as well as some books and TV shows.

⤳ Right now, it’s January 1 and I’m sipping a Virgin Mary and flicking through some of the books I got as presents (there they are at the top of this post).

⤳ We had a lovely Christmas break. My brother and his wife came to stay for a couple of days with their two-year-old daughter, and it was lovely to see her opening her presents on Christmas morning. We made a huge reverse seared rib of beef for Xmas dinner which was gorgeous, and we’re still working our way through the leftover cheese.

⤳ Somehow I already have four or five things planned with friends for January, so it’s going to be a fun start to 2024. Righjt now I’m going to try and eke out the last of the relaxation and calm from the break.

⤳ I hope you’ve had a lovely 2023 and a good start to 2024. See you down the line!