Notes for week of 19 May, 2024

⤳ A pretty busy Bank Holiday week. Went to see Jez Butterworth’s new play, The Hills of California on Thursday evening and really enjoyed it, even though the last ten minutes left me a little emotionally destroyed.

⤳ On Sunday I met my friend Mike to go see Mad Max Furiosa at the IMAX in Waterloo (with filthy dinner at Passyunk Avenue first). The film was a lot of fun and the two and half hours absolutely zip by. There’s a notable absence of emotion or actual conversation, but that’s not really Miller’s forte is it?

⤳ And Monday afternoon was spent having lunch with some friends at Smokestak and then a couple of hours in the pub reminiscing about 80s film because we’d all just watched the trailer for this:

⤳ Some interesting things I’ve read this week:

The London-bred Sienna Miller, one of the stars of Horizon, told me that when she got cast in the part, Costner told her: “I will show you an America you have only dreamed of.” (When I asked her if Costner always spoke that way, she responded: “Yes, that is how he talks. Have you not spent time with him?”)

Inside Kevin Costner’s $38 Million Horizon Gamble.

“I’ve been in recovery a day at a time for a long time now.” What I’ve Learned by Stephen King.

Jason Diamond’s fantastic GQ interview with Ebon Moss-Bachrach (aka Cousin Richie in The Bear).

⤳ Listening to: