Notes for week of 12 May, 2024

⤳ A highlight of last week was the Interesting Conference at Conway Hall. My notes from the evening go like this: Taps, Compost, Dust, Pensions, Tea Kitchen Appliances, Fashion, PR. And that wasn’t even the whole shebang. The quality of speakers was a bit more uneven than last year (which I think was just a vintage year), but it’s still the best conference in existence and any excuse to go to the lovely Conway Hall.

⤳ Also, got to have dinner at the marvellous Schawarma Bar on Exmouth Market beforehand - bonus. Good negroni too. See above.

⤳ Another highlight was seeing the comedian Dave Hill at the Soho Theatre. He’s been in the UK supporting Tenacious D and did a few nights of his own standup at upstairs at the Soho Theatre. I love his Instagram account so I took a couple of friends along and we had a great time. The fireworks, the bike riding, the guitar playing! All excellent.

⤳ Also, got to have beers at Bradley’s afterwards - bonus.

⤳ But maybe the real highlight was going to see my three year old niece and giving her her birthday presents. She gets a brother in a week or so, and she’s getting very impatient for him to turn up.

⤳ Some interesting things I’ve read this week:

‘I was in a kind of ecstatic freefall’: Miranda July on writing the book that could change your life

The Creator Of ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Knows Exactly Where It All Went Wrong

⤳ Listening to: