Notes for week of 26 February, 2024

⤳ It was a busy work week this week, all sorts of things were kicking off at Brink (you can read about them in this LinkedIn post) and the work I’m doing around the company’s comms is starting to really gain momentum now. All that planning and strategy-making we did last year is about to start bearing fruit over the next few weeks, so it’s very exciting.

⤳ Elsewhere, the house is getting back to normal after a weeks of decorating work, which means I’ve spent a fair few hours putting pictures back up and trying to tame nests of wires so they can’t be seen. I also took advantage of the half-decent weather over the weekend to start tidying the garden in preparation for spring kicking in.

⤳ This week I watched the first episode of the new FX series, Shogun (very impressive so far), the Irish horror film Double Blind (daft but fun) and finally caught up with Spielberg’s The Fabelmans (a little lightweight and it didn’t need to be two and a half hours long, but Spielberg’s talent and charm takes it a long way… and it has David Lynch!).

⤳ Oh, and last weekend we watched All Of Us Strangers. It was great, but I didn’t think it was as good as Aftersun (but maybe that’s because I watched Aftersun in the cinema, and All of Us Strangers at home). Great soundtrack too.

⤳ Some interesting things I’ve read this week:

I really enjoyed this article about the writing process of the brilliant David Milch.

Cory Doctorow on the end of Vice (with a link to the “totally unauthorised, tell-all” podcasts some of the writers managed to get out before they shut down the platform - think it’s been taken down now, though I’m sure you can find copies).

The NY Times profiles Criterion (I actually didn’t know Armageddon was part of the Criterion collection).

⤳ Listening to: