Notes for all of March, 2024

⤳ Just a quick roundup because I skipped a few weeks (mainly because I was on holiday over a couple of weekends, but other things happened too).

⤳ Saw Death of Stalin - In Concert! It was a real treat to see the BBC Symphony Orchestra in full force. Plus Armando Iannucci and Michael Palin did the Q&A afterwards. It was a great time.

⤳ I binged the whole of Netflix’s Ripley in the last week and really enjoyed it. Andrew Scott is just terrific, the whole thing is beautifully shot, and the mood of the the series is perfect (even the little humorous moments land just right). Also, some great fits. It might be worth being a murderous sociopath if you can get that many natty knitted polos.

⤳ Other additions to the Media Diet page include the 2003 documentary Maestro, Netflix’s Scoop, and the truly truly awful (not in a good way) film, Roadhouse. Eugh, that was bad.

⤳ I went to the Drake’s sale in Mayfair on 3 April. Got there about 30-40 minutes before it was due to start and still had to queue for a good hour or so in the rain to get in, but it wasn’t too bad. Drake’s is a brand that I really do like, but their stuff is incredibly pricy (overpriced, some might say), so I don’t buy much of it full price. While the sample sales are still not cheap, you can pick stuff up half price (ish). I got myself a nice pink stripe ocbd, a cotton madras shirt, and a lovely navy linen overshirt.

⤳ And finally, the baseball season has begun so I’m trying to watch as many Phillies games as I can before I go see them in London later this summer.

⤳ Some interesting things I’ve read this week:

How I Survived a Wedding in a Jungle That Tried to Eat Me Alive - this was published last year and had a little bit of a moment, but I only just got round to reading it. It’s pretty good.

The Hotel Guest Who Wouldn’t Leave from the NY Times is a very strange and fascinating story.

Andrew Huberman’s Mechanisms of Control - thankfully I don’t listen to much of this Rogan-esque, bro-cast stuff because I generally assume these people are arseholes. It seems my cynicism was spot on this time.

⤳ Listening to: