Week notes 2020-32

Happy Thanksgiving. I’m not American, but it gives me an excuse to post this video about the ‘lost version’ of one of my favourite comedies, Planes, Trains & Automobiles. My favourite long read of the week: The Muppets: Sex and Violence. Contemporary chaos may be draining, but there’s a different vein of chaos that I […]

Week notes 2020-31

I didn’t post here last week. I think because of a combination of being too busy with work, plus the added mental load of the US election, the Covid vaccine announcements etc etc. Sometimes even just getting your thoughts down into some kind of readable order can feel weirdly daunting. I’m off work for the […]

Week notes 2020-30

Watched two new films this week. One documentary, one feature. Both excellent. The doc was The Painter and the Thief, which I absolutely loved. It had me in tears more than once and I’ve been thinking about it a lot since it ended. Go watch it. And then it was Halloween time, so Nina and […]

Week notes 2020-29

I have climbed out of my reading slump. This week I finished A Fan’s Notes by Fred Exley, described in this Guardian article as “a staggering book, a beautiful book, and one deserving of a much wider readership.” I couldn’t agree more. I loved it and I am very grateful to my friend, Mark for […]

Week notes 2020-28

Something which I actually read last week, but forgot to mention at the time: Art, Corona, Tech, and Social Media, an interview with the artist James Bridle. A sample quote: Social media is what the internet was made for, whether we intended it that way or not. I sometimes describe the internet as “an unconsciously […]

Week notes 2020-27

Above: Song 2, but every “woohoo” is done by Mario. You’re welcome. Highlight of this week was definitely a trip to the new Noble Rot in Soho with Nina. Melty cheese, potatoes, pigeon, goulash, some amazing wine… I have missed restaurants and I have missed Soho (but most of all, I have missed melty cheese). […]

Week notes 2020-26

Above, the trailer for Alex Gibney’s new documentary ‘Totally Under Control’. That man’s output is insane. Talking of documentaries… Field Notes is “a new online journal for original writing about nonfiction cinema in all its forms”. This article about how an inaccurate and incomplete Wikipedia entry inspired a documentary about “an infamous British police investigation […]

Week notes 2020-25

Watched The Train (1964), directed by John Frankenheimer. Recommended by The Pure Cinema Podcast (where I get a lot of my recommendations these day) as part of their Cult 1960s episode. Loved the film, Burt Lancaster is a terrible Frenchman but an amazing screen presence, and the way the big set pieces are filmed is […]

Week notes 2020-24

Running is getting easier. Did 9k around Crystal Palace this morning with a friends and it felt relatively ‘easy’. Good job too as I’ve been using the new Ooni pizza oven quite a lot! The Ooni has been a lot of fun. About to use it for the third time tonight. I’m still experimenting with […]

Week notes 2020-22

With two weeks off I have been enjoying reading books and comics and articles, watching TV and films with Nina. Just finished Blacktop Wasteland by S.A. Cosby  which was a great, fun read. Now going to listen to Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff … and It’s All Small Stuff … Also started reading The Guest […]

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